Personal and political conflicts within an elite team of robotically augmented superhumans and the scientists who created them threaten to keep them from stopping a tech-savvy anarchist group intent on starting a socio-economic civil war.

This serialized ensemble drama is set in the present because -- even though this sounds like science fiction -- it is rooted in reality. Most of the story could actually happen in the next five to fifteen years -- and some of it may already be happening.

Reviews from The Blacklist

"... is a complex drama that strikes a nice balance between its suspense and thriller elements, and the drama that arises from the interpersonal relationships between all of the characters. The pilot juggles multiple narrative arcs and, for the most part, each are handled deftly and fully fleshed out. This also is true of the characters in this ensemble. Felipe, for example, is an incredibly compelling character. In particular, the scenes between him and Simona, and their relationship in general, is one of the highlights of the script. Not to be outdone, the relationship between Miranda and Lisa, that could best be described as an ongoing chess match, is equally compelling."

"The Bible is well-organized, and the in-depth character descriptions do a good job of bringing the focus on the ensemble and their essential humanity amid the technical aspects of the world-building. The world in which the show takes place, the tone, the type of action and the stakes of the plot are all clearly laid out and easy to follow. This sort of material can sometimes be dense and impenetrable, but the Bible does an excellent job at making the necessary information user-friendly."

"The setting is used well - there's a constant atmosphere of political intrigue inherent in the old-school politico restaurants and bars that the characters visit. Details like that also do a good job of grounding the fantastical aspects of the story within a recognizable reality. The sparing use of powers and action in the pilot not only demonstrates taste and an eye for budget and scale, but also allows for future escalation."

"CYBIOSYS' pacing is such that it would most likely be best suited to a digital platform like Amazon or Netflix. In that regard, CYBIOSYS is similar to Netflix's show SENSE8, where the practice of releasing all episodes in a season at once allows for a more complex, slower development of the narrative that just isn't feasible in traditional television formats."